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Welcome to Secret Seychelles

Welcome to the official website of Secret Seychelles was unravelling the secrets spots of the Seychelles islands is an experience of a life time.

Are you planning for a tour then we have great Seychelles island tour packages where you can explore the wonders of nature such as fishing, snorkelling, hiking, sightseeing or perhaps just something more loner or with your romantic loved ones and for which the perfect thing would be holiday to Seychelles . There are so many one day vacation spots which you will like for one day tour and if you want weekend day trips for short period of time then we will provide you best short trips. We are top rated travel agents who will take complete care of your vacation. It is one of those European tours where you can go deep in the crystal clear seas or can make yourself tan, our guided tours to the Seychelles can make this holiday a experience of a lifetime.

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Our Events

Nemo’s Secrets
Underwater World Experience
Half Day : 5 hrs   |   Full Day : 8 hrs
Fish Feeding, Imposing Scenery, Snorkeling, Several Secluded beaches, stunning marine life. Host, more
Mahe’s Secrets
Island Tour
Half Day : 5 hrs   |   Full Day : 8 hrs
Fruit Bat up-close, Pirates Trove, Stunning beaches, Souvenir Shops, Lush vegetation, National more
Fishing Ecstasy
Fishing Trip
Half Day : 5 hrs   |   Full Day : 8 hrs
Trolling, Bottom fishing, Dolphin sighting (probable). Deep sea fishing, Host,land & sea transfers, more
Hiker’s Paradise
Hiking Experience
Half Day : 4 - 7 hrs
Breathtaking Scenery & landscapes, Abundant & endemic flora and fauna, stunning views – more
Secret’s Of The Seas
Island hopping & Snorkelling Barbeque
Half Day : 5 hrs   |   Full Day : 8 hrs
Vibrant underwater world, Stunning colours of the ocean, Snorkelling, fish feeding, Secluded more
Sunset Getaway
Sunset Cruise
Half Day : 4 hrs
Stunning Colour of the ocean, spectacular Sunset, dolphin sighting (probable). Host, land & sea more


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